Month: July 2016

Understanding Oil and Gas Pipelines

LR Commercial Construction, Inc pic
LR Commercial Construction, Inc

Bert Vandiver leads LR Commercial Construction, Inc., a Waco, Texas-based company active in oil field pipeline construction. As chief executive officer of the firm, Bert Vandiver oversees more than 75 skilled employees.

Pipelines provide a safe and efficient method of transporting key fuels from extraction and production bases to refineries and the market at large. The two main types of energy pipelines are liquid petroleum and natural gas, the two chief fossil fuel commodities.

When plotted on a map, a majority of America’s total pipeline infrastructure runs through Texas, Oklahoma, and southern Louisiana. From those regions, it branches out to major metropolitan areas such as Chicago and New York.

The liquid petroleum network encompasses not only pipes that carry fuel but also those set aside to transport and segregate carbon dioxide, crude oil, refined oil, and volatile liquids. America’s liquid petroleum pipeline infrastructure is vast. Take, for example, only the pipes dedicated to transmitting crude oil to refineries. In all, the country contains roughly 55,000 miles of these pipes, which range in diameter from 8 to 48 inches.

Pipelines carrying natural gas often end directly at consumer homes, where the gas acts as a heating fuel. The United States’ pervasive natural gas pipeline infrastructure measures roughly 300,000 miles long.


Heart O’ Texas Fair & Rodeo Scholarship Program

Heart O’ Texas Fair  Rodeo Scholarship Program pic
Heart O’ Texas Fair Rodeo Scholarship Program

With a business degree from Baylor University, Bert Vandiver is a seasoned business professional who is currently the president and CEO of LR Commercial Construction Inc., a company based in Waco, Texas. In his free time, Bert Vandiver acts as board chairman of the Heart O’ Texas Fair & Rodeo.

For the past 62 years, the Heart O’ Texas Fair & Rodeo has produced events for agriculture, education, and entertainment in Waco. The nonprofit organization is driven by over 500 active volunteers. All proceeds of the events are given back to the community through scholarships. Since its inception, the Heart O’ Texas Fair & Rodeo has awarded $2 million in scholarships.

For the academic year 2015-16, the foundation gave a total of 27 scholarships amounting to $71,000 to deserving Central Texas students. The year’s top scholar was Kayla Wilson from Copperas Cove High School. She holds the distinction of receiving the largest single scholarship to date, one of $14,000.