Month: March 2017


LR Pipeline pic
LR Pipeline

LR PIPELINE a division of LR COMMERCIAL CONSTRUCTION INC. led by Bert Vandiver have announced that they have completed acquiring the land and have received all regulatory approvals to build the Concordia Pipeline. The pipeline will connect the Coochie and Blackhawk Fields that are located 40 miles south of Vidalia, Louisiana to American Midstream’s Pipeline System.

The project will commence in May and they expect it to be finished by the end of August. Following testing they expect to it be operational no later that September. It will start by transporting 30 million cfd to market with the ability to increase capacity. The construction will start 40 miles south of Vidalia and move north to meet American Midstream.

Bert Vandiver said the pipeline will significantly increase the development of gas in the Coochie and Blackhawk Fields which already have a tremendous amount of gas behind pipe but no way to get it to market.


Bert Vandiver – Funeral Home


Bert Vandiver
Bert Vandiver

Bert Vandiver) James B. Vandiver Jr. Veteran Funeral Home Owner. On September 10, 2015 in 427th District Court of Travis County under the Honorable Judge Jim Coronado presiding over the case, Bert Vandiver plead guilty to a misdemeanor forgery charge for signing his notary republics name to documents when the notary republic was absent. The prosecution dropped all the other charges against Bert Vandiver. The punishment will consist of 2 years probation which can most likely be reduced to one year. This is the final result to a case that started in 2013 with numerous charges being brought against Vandiver for misappropriation of funds. In the end all the charges against Vandiver were dropped in exchange for Bert Vandiver pleading guilty to the misdemeanor forgery charge. Bert said it was a relief to him and his family to finally get closure in this case. Bert said he sold all of his funeral homes and has no interest any funerals homes today. Bert Vandiver said he will continue to pursue his other business interest and move on with his life.